"Pure, velvety and wonderfully expressive….It is not impossible to believe that this was the sort of sound that Orpheus himself might have been capable of"

'It is always a joy to witness an artist with this kind of life-spark, one who really connects with the music, with her instrument, with listeners. The audience's response to her was thunderous.'

'For me, the Arcadia Quartet is – at least concerning Janáček – the cutting edge currently among European interpreters……Outstanding!'

“… utterly moving, as a result of a truly great modesty which cannot be replaced by simplicity or unpretentiousness; a modesty without any sentimentality. The musicians know, with minute precision, how to guard the boundary between the intimacy of chamber music and the sweeping grandeur of a large-scale concert, only achievable by artists whose capacities and experience are on an equally high level.”

“… Wallfisch gives the finest account on cello I’ve ever heard… Wallfisch delivers a beautiful adagio and York voices every line with superb clarity and coherence, so crucial in this turbulent work…” ****

”No living cellist has done more to promote the British cello concerto than Raphael Wallfisch…"

...one of the most prolific and well-known clarinet soloists of the past quarter century

O’Carroll Artist & Project Management is a company where our hand-picked roster of artists flourish, feel stimulated and respected.

Presenters and colleagues will always receive a welcome when they call. Honesty, creativity and integrity is highly valued and artistic dreams and visions are sought out, embraced and realized.

Piers Lane, Piano

“London-based Australian pianist Piers Lane added a superb mixture of poetry and drama to his crystalline pianism, Davis ensuring that the orchestra delivered the music’s often ebullient sophistication lightly. An encore of Beethoven refracted through the lens of Dudley Moore provided cheeky wit.” ★★★★ Tony Way, The Age, November 24th 2019


Emma Johnson

...one of the most prolific and well-known clarinet soloists of the past quarter century (The Clarinet, America)


Wallfisch/York Duo

“… Wallfisch gives the finest account on cello I’ve ever heard… and York voices every line with superb clarity and coherence, so crucial in this turbulent work…” BBC Music Magazine, September 2016


Artist News and Events

Classical Music Magazine: These Women’s Works – Tasmin Little/Chandos

Posted By: Sinead O'Carroll, 4th February 2019

Tasmin Little and Martin Roscoe: Hugh Canning’s ‘Weekend’s highlight’ at Aldeburgh Festival 2020

Posted By: Sinead O'Carroll, 3rd September 2020

Hugh Canning
The Sunday Times
….My weekend’s highlight, inevitably, was Little’s pairing with Roscoe of Brahms’s C minor sonata, his last, with César Franck’s masterpiece, the sonata in A major, written in 1886 for his compatriot and contemporary, the father of the Belgian violin school, Eugène Ysayë. Their Brahms — written around the same time, between 1886 and 1888 — is always rewarding, spacious, broadly conceived and imbued with an impassioned turbulence in the virtuoso, tarantella-like finale, a stark contrast after the gentle song-like lilt of the D major Adagio cavatina.

Franck’s work has become something of a party piece for Little and Roscoe, the violinist at the peak of her form, notwithstanding her (now delayed) intention to retire at the 2020 Proms, and the pianist dispatching the fiendish keyboard part with breathless élan. Both conveyed the restless eroticism of a composer who, near the end of his life, had not yet recovered from his youthful encounter with the intoxicated chromaticism of the Venusberg music from Wagner’s Tannhäuser.

If Little, when she finally retires, goes out on this kind of form, she can be well pleased with her decision. She remains our most versatile violinist, always a searching and fresh interpreter of the most familiar scores….

5 star Review for Tasmin Little and Piers Lane ‘Little and Lane steer a fine series to an equally fine conclusion.’

Posted By: Sinead O'Carroll, 27th July 2020

British Violin Sonatas Volume 3 (Tasmin Little, Piers Lane)

Little and Lane steer a fine series to an equally fine conclusion.
by Brett Allen-Bayes on July 27, 2020

In this, the third and final instalment of an excellent series devoted to 20th-century British chamber works for violin and piano, the very fine violinist Tasmin Little has chosen to farewell with a lesser-known selection of works than in her previous instalments. Little has always been an enquiring musician who is always up for a challenge as those who have attended her local concerts will attest.

Those concerts have also attested to her love of British composers. Now considering retirement from the stage, Little has chosen to consolidate that love with a triptych of fine albums featuring the sympathetic pianism of Piers Lane – and here is a true partnership, rather than violinist and accompanist, as they set out to present rarer choices for the third album in this important set of recordings.

Firstly should be noted the world premiere recording of The Hart’s Grace (2016), a work of “dreamy intensity” written especially for Little by the contemporary composer, Francis Brown. Each of the three central works in this recital have had troubled histories and have remained underappreciated. Alwyn’s early Sonatina was disowned by the composer as juvenilia and yet has thankfully survived to receive this gracious performance. Similarly, York Bowen’s work remained little-known or appreciated until a couple of decades ago; and here he’s represented by his sonata, Op. 112, an intense and perhaps rather neurotic work from the 1940s. This contrasts well with Ireland’s Second Sonata, dating from the troubled 1910s.

These works are ideally suited to a player of Little’s character and commitment, and Piers Lane only adds to this intoxicating and often almost febrile mix.

All of these choices offer much to show the talents of these musicians, for Little is a giving player with a a passionate style and an enquiring mind; the perfect foil lies in her choice of pianist, Piers Lane and hopefully together the two of them, with this excellent recording, can re-present this overlooked music to an appreciative public. Now, can Chandos please release all three volumes as a set?

Harrogate International Festival moves online: Tasmin Little @ Sunday, July 2020

Posted By: Sinead O'Carroll, 23rd July 2020

A huge thank you to the Harrogate International Festival for being so innovative and supportive to musicians with their programming. Forced to cancel this year’s live festival due to Covid-19, they galvanised into action and moved to a virtual platform.  In doing so they have given musicians and performers an opportunity to perform and receive an income.
Tasmin Little’s performance can be viewed this coming Sunday free of charge and there are many many other performances available from today.
More and more festivals and concert halls are turning to recorded events to help musicians through this period and to bring us music. A big shout out to all of them.  Bravo.

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