‘The Naked Violin’

'No musician has ventured down this path before – not even the rock band Radiohead' The Independent

The British violinist, Tasmin Little made international news in January 2008 when she began a pioneering project entitled ‘The Naked Violin’. Recording a new free CD to be made available for free download from her own website – www.tasminlittle.org.uk and including free downloadable spoken introductions to each work, this recording of Bach, Patterson and Ysäye provided a free opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world, to experience the huge range of styles and expressions that a single, unadorned violin can produce. Within days of the release of ‘The Naked Violin’ there were over 6,000 international websites linked to Tasmin’s site. Major articles and radio interviews on the project began appearing in The Times, The Guardian, New York Times, Le Monde, The Age to mention but a few. It kick-started the whole debate about the place of classical music in today’s society.

Tasmin and the project became the subject of a television documentary by the South Bank Show in 2008. In September 08 Tasmin received the prestigious Classic FM Gramophone Award for Audience Innovation and in 09 she received the Gold Badge Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

‘The Naked Violin’ created a huge demand to see Tasmin perform this project live. Schools, communities, prisons, rock festivals began to write directly to Tasmin asking if she could bring her workshops and performances to them. ‘The Naked Violin’ and Tasmin’s outreach workshops ‘No Strings Attached’ have now reached over 12,000 schoolchildren and thousands more adults in the last 18 months alone. O’Carroll Artist & Project Management is privileged to be working alongside Tasmin to project manage ‘The Naked Violin’ and to be able to facilitate her mission to continue to reach out to people everywhere, young and old, regardless of their social background or knowledge of classical music.

Tasmin and the Naked Violin went global in 2009 and since then she has taken the project to China, America, New Zealand and Australia.  The Naked Violin returned to China in 2012, also visiting Dubai, Australia and America. 2013 will see further Naked Violin projects in both China and America alongside workshops throughout the UK.

The Naked Violin is available to presenters and the community in many different formats including the following:

  1. School Workshops
  2. Community workshops and performances. All locations are considered and Tasmin has brought her workshops to prisons, rehabilitation centres, factories, hospitals and schools
  3. ‘An Evening with Tasmin Little’ where Tasmin Little performs solo violin works and discusses the violin, music and her life as a musician with the audience.
  4. Family Concerts Please contact Sinead O’Carroll to discuss any aspect of this project further.


What she is doing is revolutionary.

The Times

'No musician has ventured down this path before – not even the rock band Radiohead'

The Independent

"Classical music, for some reason or another, has this reputation that you need a certain kind of education to listen to it, you need to be a certain colour or live in a certain place and I'm a bit fed up with that. I wanted to take away any possible barrier and see if it makes a difference."

Tasmin Little, The Times

It was a real treat to have Tasmin and John with us these days. They were everything we had hoped for and more.

Stewart Fry, British School of Beijing

What a morning we had! It was just inspirational – 2 of our 6th form students even went straight into Bracknell and bought some of Tasmin’s Cds, so there is a result! These are the sorts of visits which stay with the students for life.

Ranelagh School, Bracknell